Merhaba-Hello-Dobar Dan-Laba Diena

My name is Emre, I am 23 years old and I’m coming from Turkey.

I am a physiotherapist and also a student of master degree.I have studied Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for 4 years.

During my studies i dint have any social life because I was always studying for exams.

At my last semester, I went to Kaunas,Lithuania as a Erasmus student. Being an Erasmus student helped me to improve my English languge skills, also i have travelled a lot . I have visited 10 countries during that time.

This experience helped my social life.

 I made amazing friends all around the world.

Erasmus was my life.

When my Erasmus semestar was completed I came back to my city and I felt Post Erasmus Depression. Only option for me was to find another initiative to participate in.

 I found a project that I wanted to participate in an it was the European Voluntary Service project funded by Erasmus plus in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

I have postponed my graduate studies to volunteer here for 5 months and I already see that its going to be a very lovely experience full of diferent projects within the organisation Europe House Slavonski Brod.

We will teach Turkish Language, visit local high schools and help other organisations in their work with people with disabilities.

Our plan is to live like locals. I relly feel great here. I like Slavonski Brod, especially language.It contains a lot of familiar words,such as sugar, bed cover, pillow, spoon, coffee, yoghurt, hammer..I always liked Croatia. Croatia is my king landing.

I want to gain Croatian people’s heart’s throne. I really like Croatia’s nature, Croatian flag, Croatian footballers and football team. I think Croatian people remember Semih Sentürk scored a goal at 120 mins in 2008 European Championship quarter final. It was really disaster for Croatian people, we are sorry .

Fun facts about me 🙂

I would like to add that Instead of working I would like to spend my life traveling.Sometimes I am so lazy and I love to sleep a lot. I make senseless jokes,you need to get used to it.I get easily bored and sometimes I loose my motivation quickly. I’m really stubborn,if i really focus on something,i fight for it until i get it. If something good happens to me it happens because of my luck. I am really lucky man. Bright sides of mine are that I’m reliable, patient.I’m man of my word. If i give my word,i need to perform it.





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